Keep Your Leather Jacket in Mint Condition for a Long Time

A leather jacket is the ultimate way to up your style quotient. Here’s how to clean a leather jacket to preserve its bright look for longer.


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You cannot clean your leather jacket like all the other clothing items. Too much exposure to water will rob it of its oils. The leather will lose its healthy shine. Moreover, soap residue can block the pores on your jacket and prevent it from breathing. The leather will start looking dry and cracked. Ultimately, rendering your jacket useless.

However, there’s no reason to run to the dry cleaners every time you need to clean your leather jacket. Here’s some tips on how to clean a leather jacket at home.

1) Read the Care Label

To preserve your leather jacket for longer, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Read the label to determine if your leather is finished or unfinished. You cleaning technique will alter based on the type of leather. If you are unable to check for instructions, put a drop of water on an inconspicuous area of the jacket. If the water is absorbed fully, it is unfinished leather. But, if the water floats on the surface it means that it is finished leather.

2) Cleaning Finished Leather Jacket

Grab an old toothbrush and use it remove any stubborn debris. To clean the leather jacket, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth and get rid of any lose dirt and dust. Now, dampen a cleaning cloth with water. Ensure that you’ve properly wrung it to remove excess moisture. Apply a small quantity of detergent on the cloth. You can also use a fabric conditioner to add a mild fragrance to your jacket. It also makes the fabric soft. Wipe the jacket with a dry cloth to remove remaining moisture.

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3) Cleaning Unfinished Leather Jacket

Get rid of loose dirt and grime using an old toothbrush. Now, wipe it clean using a saddle soap. A saddle soap is a special type of soap made with various oils and waxes to clean unfinished leather products. You will have to work the saddle soap in your jacket by scrubbing it in the leather jacket with your fingers. Remove the residue using a clean, dry cotton cloth.

4) Use Olive Oil

Apply small quantities of olive oil on your leather jacket at regular intervals to protect it from exposure to moisture and create a barrier against stains. It also helps keep your leather looking shiny and smooth.

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A leather jacket is an expensive investment. If you are style conscious, you must also take the effort required for maintaining your leather jacket.

Dry your leather items naturally. However, do not leave them under direct sunlight. Find a shaded place with proper air ventilation. Let your leather breathe.

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