Wish Your Designer Clothes Lasted Longer? Try These Tips!

Even your expensive designer clothing can start looking dull if not cared for. With a few quick tips, you can make your designer clothing last longer.


How to Keep your Designer Clothes Last Longer | Get Set Clean
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We tend to buy expensive clothing for special occasions but often end up wearing them once in a while. With investment on each piece of expensive clothing comes the need for proper maintenance. If not taken care of properly, there are chances you might have to bid goodbye to your favourite piece of designer clothing sooner than you hoped for.

Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen. With these simple tips, you can increase the lifespan of your favourite designer clothing.

Never underestimate the instructions mentioned on the wash care label. Follow the washing directions mentioned on it and your special clothes will remain damage free for a long, long time.

1) Wash Less

Unless something is visibly dirty, make sure the garments are worn at least three times before they hit the laundry or they may end up in a hot dryer only to shrink, fade and sometimes fall apart altogether. Also, using a mild detergent while washing goes a long way in protecting your garments.

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2) Folding and Hanging

Avoid folding clothes that need to be hung, like dresses and shirts to prevent them from getting creased. Also, avoid hanging clothes that need to be folded, like sweaters and knitwear as there are chances of them getting stretched and distorted. 

3) Pay Attention to Wash Care Labels

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Read the wash care tags carefully. It gives you specific instructions in terms of washing, drying and ironing. If you follow the instructions on the care label, your garment will remain in proper condition after each laundry session.

Give your favourite designer clothing a longer duration of life with the above easy-to-follow tips.

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