Revealed! The ancient secret to keep your denims younger for a longer period of time!

The right pair of jeans can flatter your style until they begin to fade. Don’t lose hope, there are quick hacks that can help.


How to Make your Jeans Last Longer | Get Set Clean
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It is possible to make your jeans last longer and to keep them looking new. Here are a few tips to keep your denims younger for longer.

  • Don’t wash them often. It will make their colour fade away and also dim the thread quality.

  • Make sure they're turned inside out, and the water is as cold as possible. This will keep your denims from fading.

  • Go easy on the detergent. Replace it with 2 tablespoons of vinegar or rubbing alcohol and a spoonful of salt.

  • Once you end your day, place your jeans in the freezer overnight. It will rid your jeans of any odour-causing bacteria.

  • Air drying is your best bet if you want to expand the life expectancy of your jeans.

These hacks will help keep your denims in their best shape.

Wash once in 2 weeks to prevent your denims from fading.

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