Do you have smelly feet? Here’s how you avoid the smelly situation at social gatherings

Smelly feet have a repulsive stench that is nauseating. It gets worse in a closed setting.


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How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet | Get Set Clean
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Even if you spray loads of deodorant, it won’t fix the problem. So, do everyone a favour and try these tips.

  • Start by washing your feet every day. After you get back from work, before bed, during baths. Don’t forget the space between your toes. Use antibacterial soap to wash.

  • Change your footwear on an alternate day basis. Wash your socks after every use.

  • Wear comfortable shoes where your toes are not squeezed together.

  • If you are prone to sweaty feet, wear open toe sandals. Walk around barefoot for a while during the day.

  • Apply a little talcum or baking powder on your feet. It will help soak up the sweat and reduce the odour.

Try these and have happy feet.

Buy insoles for your shoes. It helps to avoid your shoe from becoming soggy with a pool of sweat.

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