Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

Removing pet hair from your clothes and upholstery can seem like a lot of work. But these simple and useful cleaning tips can make the task effortless.


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How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes | Get Set Clean

The time spent cuddling your pet is time well spent. But, somewhere between those evening walks and garden visits, you realise your clothes are fully covered in pet hair. It is easy to get rid of the pet hair if you use the tips given here. 

1) Use an Inflated Balloon

This is as simple as it gets. Inflate a balloon yourself, or you can buy one from a street vendor while walking your pet. Rub this balloon on the garment covered with pet hair. The static charge on the balloon’s surface will attract the hair, dislodging it from your clothing. This simple trick is also very effective in removing pet hair from your sofa covers and bed linen.

2) Use Lint Roller

A lint roller is readily available in pet stores. It is handy to keep one at home. Just roll it on the surface of your garment or sofa covers to remove pet hair efficiently. 


3) Use Rubber Gloves

Wear rubber gloves and dip your hand in a bowl of water. Shake off excess water. Now, wearing the gloves, gently rub your hands over the garment in a downward motion. The pet hair will ball up. Now dip your hand in the bowl of water and loosen the hair. Repeat until the garment is entirely free of your pet’s fur. 

4) Wash with Vinegar

You can also toss your clothes directly into the washing machine without pre-treating them for pet hair. Add ½ a cup of vinegar along with your laundry detergent. Surf Excel Matic Liquid is a good option, as it is specially formulated for washing machines and doesn’t leave any residue behind.  The vinegar will reduce the static charge on your garment’s fabric and prevent the hair from sticking to your clothes.   

Your little furry friend is worth it!

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