Are you facing weak water pressure in your bathroom? Here are a few methods you can try to fix it!

A shower is an indispensable part of our daily routine. For most of us, it is the time to collect our thoughts and get out feeling refreshed. The one thing that could be an absolute bummer is a weak water pressure.


How to Fix the Weak Water Pressure Problem in Your Shower | Get Set Clean
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Let us help you fix this problem in 4 simple steps.

If the pressure is still the same, call the plumber and ask to change the cartridge present in. It regulates the water pressure which only a plumber can fix with the right tools.

Step 1:

Prep. Shut the main water supply to your bathroom. With the help of a tongue plier open the faucets from the wash basin and shower head.

Step 2:

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Clean. Open the tip of the faucet and the mesh. Clean all the dirt and gunk. Similarly, open the shower head and clean it.

Step 3:

Clear again. Switch on the main water supply; the water force will clean the pipeline thoroughly.

Step 4:

Last move. Assemble the fittings back. Do not forget to tighten it properly.

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